If you've lived in the area long enough you've undoubtedly heard a tale or two about one of the many haunted places around here; El Paso High School, Ft. Bliss, and the downtown library, to name just a few. There certainly is no shortfall in this West Texas town of El Paso!

Here's a look at some of the spookiest places local paranormal groups we've welcomed on Mike and Tricia Mornings have investigated -- the results of which they've shared with us.


Home to at least three spirits, one of which claims to be the devil and has bit and scratched El Paso Ghost Tours tour guides and guests. Previous investigations by El Paso Ghost Tours has captured a demonic-like voice in the basement, and of another who calls herself 'Sara'. You'll find photos and audio HERE.

The Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society has investigated the100 year-old hotel as well. Their investigation captured a shadow on camera, and a little girl whispering "who cares." Listen to the audio and watch the video HERE.


Research in Paranormal Science of El Paso investigated the fire station known as “the haunted firehouse”. Captain Woodward Bloxom, who died in the 1930's, is said to still help out every now and then. Audio from their investigation can be heard HERE.


Our community theater's haunting is believed to be mostly the work of a technician who was accidentally killed during a performance in the very early days of the theater. Research in Paranormal Science of El Paso investigated the Playhouse in 2011, and shared some of the electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recordings they captured HERE.


Arguably one of the most haunted places in El Paso. Perhaps the most. With a history that dates back to the 1880's this final resting place for 60,000 plus has more than its share of ghostly apparitions ... and shadow people. THIS ONE was caught on camera during an El Paso Ghost Tours cemetery walking tour.

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