During the day, Ascencion Road in Horizon City, Texas looks like any other long stretch of desolate road outside the city limits of the West Texas town of El Paso.

But at night, when its pitch black and your car headlights are one of the few light sources, the road takes on a spooky, sometimes sinister feel. Perhaps because the seemingly innocent rural road has a dark and deadly past.

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Eerie Encounters

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A phantom drifter is said to wander the miles-long road. Heather Shade, author of Weird Texas and founder of Lost El Paso Paranormal, chronicled its alleged paranormal activity in a recent Facebook post.

They say that if you drive down this road at night, as you approach Mountain View High School you may see a ghostly figure of a young man appear, walking along the roadside.

Although it reads like a campfire tale we've all heard before, it is claimed there is documentation of these types of sightings dating back many years.


Local police allegedly have multiple reports on file from people who called them out of concern after they slowed or turned around to offer a man help only to discover he had vanished into thin air.

Nobody really seems to know the identity of this phantom, but it's usually mentioned in connection with the other well-known legend of this byway: that over the years there have been many bodies discovered off of this isolated desert road... victims of suicides, and even murder.

The memorial markers set up to honor the victims of rollovers and head-on collisions that frequently dot the side of the isolated route contribute to its haunted reputation.

Is Ascencion Rd a thoroughfare for the otherworldly or just stuff of urban legend? We report, you decide!

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