Bigfoot, UFOs, and ghosts. You either believe in their existence or you don’t. Most don’t … until they have a personal experience or encounter.

We asked El Pasoans to share the experience that turned them from paranormal skeptic to a believer, and here are some of the responses we received.

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Elizabeth D.

Here in Horizon, my sisters and I were driving late at night, when we were driving down a street and saw a nurse walking up the street.

She was so beautiful, light skin, red lips, and black hair. We came to a point that she looked at us and smiled, then we drove like 3 more minutes down the street and I told my sister, "Did you see her?" And my sister said, "yes, it was a nurse"

Then I asked, “what nurse nowadays dresses with an all-white dress, little white hat and white shoes?” Then, we started screaming!!!

I used to work as a cashier and one time I told this señor about what I have seen and he said, "You saw Bertha" a well-known "ghost nurse." Then he went on to say he saw her too.

Eunice T.

Google Street
Google Street

I had just finished reading the book "Ghost Stories from El Paso". So, I started telling my friend about the ghost from Ysleta High School as we were passing the high school itself.

All of the sudden her car started to jerk and came to a complete stop. Of course, I stopped the conversation. The car once again started.

Then I go on with my story telling and the car stopped once again. I immediately stopped and said out loud I won't say anything anymore. The car proceeds to start. Mind you not she had just purchased the brand-new car 2 or 3 days back.

(When it comes to haunted schools, El Paso High School has quite the reputation of being haunted AF, but you can totally make the case that Ysleta High School is just as, if not more haunted than La High. Read up on its alleged hauntings HERE.)

Kali M. S.

I had just gotten off a serving shift. I went to the Seven-Eleven on Copia. I was getting a big gulp, when I felt something or someone looking at me. So, I turned to look, but no one was there.

So, I keep on filling my drink and then I see the large Slurpee cup kind of jiggle, then pop out of it's place and fall to the ground. Well, this happens three times, with three cups, and they all were suspended in the air ever so slightly before falling to the ground.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I was a hard skeptic because I'd never really seen anything, but when this happened, I got so scared.

I can tell you that the cups at Seven Eleven are all kind of like stuck in the dispenser and you need to forcibly pull it a bit to get a cup. I ran to the cashier and was all like, "did you see that?!"

And the cashier was like, "Oh yeah! This place is totally haunted, sometimes when I stock the beer, I can see frosted handprints on the glass."


Ni Cole G.

There was a presence of a child in an apartment we once lived in. She would play with my daughter’s toys at night, especially one in particular that played music. No matter where we put that toy, even on a high shelf in the closet, it would play music at night.

Sometimes, when I was the only one home, I would be working on my computer, and she would run past me, I would momentarily think it was my daughter then remember that she was at school.

When we moved, I felt a little sad, like we were abandoning a child.

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