On the last Saturday of the month, a local paranormal group is hosting an investigative ghost tour of Austin High School where some freaky stuff has been going on for many years.

From a shadow man who wanders in and out of classrooms to voices and whispers in empty hallways to gym lockers and doors that open and close on their own, Austin High School is one of the most active paranormal locations the Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society (Ghosts 915) has ever investigated.

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Apparition Caught on Camera

Paso del Norte Paranormal Society via Youtube
Paso del Norte Paranormal Society via Youtube

Bonnie Juarez, President of Ghosts 915, has led numerous investigations and tours of the second oldest high school in El Paso over the years and is very well versed in the hauntings, legend, and lore of the historic Central El Paso building.

One of the freakier moments the group caught on camera was that of a dark yet see-through figure pushing an unseen dust mop or push broom down the hallway. Juarez believes the apparition is that of a longtime custodian who loved what he did so much that even in death he is still on the job.

Check out the video. We report, you decide.

What to Know If You Want to Gho(st)

Paso del Norte Paranormal Society
Paso del Norte Paranormal Society

• Austin High School Ghost Tour with Ghosts915
• Saturday, January 28, 2023
Tickets are $25, $20 for students with current I.D.
• Proceeds to benefit Austin High School Student Council.

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