El Paso has been called among the sweatiest, dumbest, and fattest cities in the country, but a website has given us major props for having the scariest haunted high school in America. We're Number One! We're Number One!

Mandatory.com checked out scary stories about high schools all over the U.S. and put El Paso High School at the top of their Top 10 list of haunted high schools. We beat out high schools that have ghostly body parts of a murdered girl show up in lockers, and then mysteriously disappear, and high schools that are built on top of cemeteries that might, or might not have been relocated when the school was built.

Didn't those people learn anything from 'Poltergeist'?

Anyway, Mandatory.com says of El Paso High:

"When it comes to the scariest school in America, El Paso High School has them all beat. Its ghost stories range from sealed off hallways full of mist and strange goo dripping from the ceiling to hidden classrooms beneath the building no one knew existed. However, nothing compares to the photo of the graduating class of 1985 above. While the woman in the center is certainly blurry, there is no doubt she is there. Or so you think. According to former students, there was no one standing there when the picture was taken, nor can the female in question be identified. Some believe the apparition to be a young girl who had taken her own life years before by jumping from a balcony connected to the misty hallway. Others have seen the very same ghostly figure jump from said balcony, disappearing before hitting the ground each time. Any way you slice it, El Paso High School takes spine-tingling to frightening new heights."

El Paso High is scary looking enough on it's own, but the photo of the ghost girl who showed up in a class photo makes it even scarier. It's nice to be number one in such a cool category. Now, if we could just do something about our sweatiness.

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