Whataburger will not be giving you a side of fries with that gun. They have decided that even though it is the law of the land in Texas, they will not allow the open carrying of guns in its restaurants.

People from both sides of the open carry debate have been weighing in on Whataburger’s decision. Some say it is the best way to handle being in business and having to deal with the open carry law, but others are talking about boycotting Whataburger because they say they are infringing on their rights.

Whataburger’s president said on their website that the company made their decision because many employees and customers are "uncomfortable being around someone with a visible firearm," but customers who are licensed to carry concealed handguns will still be able to do so in Whataburger restaurants.

The open carry law takes effect in January, and it does allow private property owners to ban open carry. It is believed that other restaurants will follow Whataburger's lead and ban open carry in their establishments.

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