At What Age Did Your Metabolism Take A Dive?
I am so uncomfortable in my own skin right now. I don't know who the girl is that is staring back at me the mirror. I went to the dr. for a check-up yesterday and I weigh 4 lbs. less than when I gave birth to my daughter. That number messed with my head and made me so depressed. My metabolism h…
How Long Can the Pie Stay on the Counter?
The safest place for pumpkin pie is probably in your belly, but let's just say you get full and can't quite polish off the whole thing. Is it safe to let it sit on the counter, or should you refrigerate it?
It’s Possible to Make Wine In Your Instant Pot
It may take longer than an instant, but it is possible to make wine in your Instant Pot. If you've got some grape juice in the pantry and the weekend to experiment, this could be the biggest conversation piece at your New Year's Eve party.

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