When eating Mexican food in El Paso; it's clear when you go to places such as Chico's, Leo's or Kiki's, we take pride in how we make our tacos, enchiladas, burritos, etc. Sometimes it's hard to truly capture El Paso's magic in other places, but there is a restaurant in Las Vegas that perfectly captures it (and we'll find out why).

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What's this restaurant called?

One look at the name of this place & it's pretty obvious that their love for El Paso evident. Located at 412 N Eastern Ave, the place is called Juarez Border Food. On the signs around the building, you can tell that the place pays homage to El Paso.

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In fact if you look closely, the tacos in the photos of the signs, you'll notice that they strike a canny resemblance to those that you would find AT a Chico's Tacos.

Let's take a look

The photos they've uploaded onto their Instagram page carry El Paso themed names. Their outdoor patio has a window that says "Order on the Border" & certain menu items include El Paso & Juarez included on the picture of their menu: like the Juarez/El Paso Flautas or the El Chuco Dog.

And then of course there's the photos of the actual food that, well... they really do look like Chico's Tacos....tacos.

They were recently featured on Fit Fam's IG page, and some of the comments gave some light on why this restaurant has so much love for El Paso:

  • stellalv91 says that she's from El Paso & lives in Las Vegas; she revealed that the owner used to go to Eastwood High School
  • jeal8a also says that the love for El Paso is inside too; stating there's El Paso High School shirts on display on the ceiling tiles.

This is not the only US restaurant with El Paso themed dishes, there's a place in San Antonio that also has El Paso favorites that you can find out about here.

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