A new restaurant in El Paso is creating quite the buzz.

It wasn't too long ago that Independent Burger occupied this space, and when it closed down, many wondered what would replace it. The building had been vacant for awhile until suddenly, someone turned the lights on.

Welcome to Condesa Mexican Fusion Restaurant

Condesa, located 5001 N. Mesa in the Montecillo area, promises an elevated experience where they're serving up Mexican fusion food and cocktails. I'm not entirely sure what "Mexican fusion" means, but judging by the pictures, it looks like something I would definitely be into- especially this one.

I would visit Condesa just for this pork belly chicharron and whatever habanero jam is! The presentation is perfect, the molcajete is definitely a great choice, and I'm a sucker for hand made tortillas so this dish, would be the first thing I try.

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The pork belly chicharron seems to be a favorite among El Paso foodies who are saying things like:

The pork belly had a crunch but was also juicy and tender, it was my favorite.

I would also just visit for this cute cocktail glass.

We've asked Condesa and the answer is "no" you cannot take the cocktail glass home. But whatever is in it looks delicious- with or without alcohol!

The atmosphere looks fun and inviting, and the rest of their menu definitely looks appetizing; I can definitely see how it's considered "Mexican fusion" because it looks like all your favorites but just a little bit elevated.

It makes sense that Condesa is located at Montecillo, it's a growing community that offers just about anything you could ask for- so Condesa fits right in.

Condesa is located at 5001 N. Mesa., STE A-1. You can check out more about Condesa by following them here.

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