If you grew up in the 80s, you grew up going to The Limited. Their clothes were amazing and they were what the 80s were all about. Stylish clothes that made you look oh so sophisticated even if you were in high school.

Fast-forward to this year and the shocking announcement this weekend that they have closed all of their stores nationwide. We all need to raise a glass of chardonnay and remember the five things we'll miss about The Limited:

1. The accessories - If you needed a really amazing statement piece of jewelry that didn't involve getting a bank loan, this was your mecca. In the 80s that meant ropes and ropes of pearls, in the 90s it was the iconic 'Y' necklaces, and in the 2000s chokers and bib necklaces made your basic black t-shirt or shift dress pop.

2. The basics - If you needed to build a work wardrobe, The Limited was the place to do it. Classic clothes with flair were their calling card, and it was probably the place a lot of us bought our first job interview suit.

3. Holiday clothes - There was nothing cooler than shopping for a splashy holiday party dress for Christmas or New Year's at The Limited. I bought a dress there back in 1989 for a holiday party and wore that dress for ten years. It is still stylish enough to wear, but my big butt isn't little enough to fit in it, sadly.

4. The prices - True, there were pricey things at The Limited, but for the most part, they were reasonably priced and because the clothes seemed to last forever, they were even more economical.

5. The experience - For a lot of us, going to The Limited was a status symbol. It wasn't a stuffy old department store that our moms dragged us to, it was a hip place that played hip music and had the glam cool looks we wanted.

The Limited will continue to operate online, but the experience of walking in to their stores is something I will really miss.

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