A lot of us in El Paso have enjoyed the Neon Paint Party that goes down at Wet N' Wild. But who doesn't like getting crazy with paint as you may have probably seen in the movies? Clearly, most of us aren't willing to go crazy with paint in our own homes. But luckily there is a way to blow off some steam while you're being creative with some colorful paint now in El Paso.

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Other locals prefer to release stress by painting in a calm matter in a relaxing environment like at I Painted That studios. While others aren't so calm and relaxing they prefer something a little more destructive.

Then you have your other group of people who rather get wild and crazy with paint who find it so much more soothing. Some of you may or may not have heard about the place to have a paint party with family or friends.

The Roaring Lounge is where you can unleash your Picasso and paint as messy or pretty as you would like. You can either paint a canvas, the walls, or the company you went along with to the Roaring Lounge. Just check out the footage The Real Fit Fam El Paso shared of the rage paint provided below.

But if you have ever wanted to experience those kinds of trashing scenes from shows or movies, now you can go right ahead. El Paso parents know the struggle of when kids paint in the house well now here is your next best option. Let your kids paint to their heart's desire where they can let their creative side out without any hesitations.

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