Mondays suck. Yeah I know it, YOU know it. EVERYBODY knows it. It's always a pain going back to work, or school, we hate the dreaded... MONDAY. But to make the day, LESS sufferable, there's some ways you can make Mondays better.

Here are some ways new "Monday" traditions to start:

Mexican Food Monday:

Traditional Mexican food mix on dark background. Top view

We know Taco Tuesday, so we don't we make it "Mexican Food Monday"? You don't have to limit it to just tacos. You can enjoy burritos, tamales, taquitos, enchiladas, or fajitas.

You can even go to a myriad of places if you want to be festive: Chico's, Kiki's, Leo's, Lucy's, Avila's... the choices are endless.

Texmex Tortillas
Alexander Shalamov

Or if you really want to dedicate to one food in particular:

Menudo Monday:

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba

I know it's usually reserved for Sundays, or a special occasion. But if you love menudo, why NOT turn Monday into a day you're looking forward to arrive? Especially with Good Luck Café picked as the BEST place for menudo in El Paso.

Marizpan Monday:

We love marizpan. We love trying to open up the packets WITHOUT destroying the candy. We love getting it from places like Marina's Bakery, or Wonderscoops. Perhaps you can treat yourself to it after a long day at work (or you can always make homemade marizpan).

Don't worry, we have traditions not centered around food.

Music Monday:

Flat lay, Studio microphone with professional headphones on a PC keyboard. Black on a black background. Podcasts, radio, streams, blogging, working with sound, recording tracks
Anton Ostapenko

THIS is how I would make Mondays better, even before I started working in radio.

And while we're talking about music,

Mashup Monday:

This is my favorite thing to do on the Buzz Adams Morning Show when I produce; play a Monday Morning Mashup. Sometimes you'll find something so crazy yet creative, you just have to share it with someone.

Mountain Monday:

Clint Chamales
Clint Chamales

I know this might be a weird one but El Paso has many of trails on the Franklin Mountains. If you're the kind that loves to hike, it might be a great way to get your day started. Plus... getting exercise is always a good thing. You can find some favorite hiking trails right here.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

Movie Monday:

Movie theater during the screening of an animated movie

If you're the kind of person that doesn't know what to do after work, dedicate a movie night when you get home. Unwind with your favorite movie, or a movie that's so bad that you want to laugh your butt off. Make it something that you want to do ONCE you get home. (Or you can watch a movie that was FILMED in El Paso too)

Motorcycle Monday:


This is something I think Dubba G would appreciate; bring your motorcycle to work day. Or ride on your motorcycle... or SHOW OFF your motorcycle. I know El Pasoans LOVE their motorcycle so why not make Monday a day you just get on...and ride?

Man seat on the motorcycle on the forest road

Hey if you're going to work during the most hated day, at least do something that YOU enjoy.

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