Popular YouTube Series, Through My Lens, regularly share some great travel videos with the intent to give some great information and act as a guide. They have videos on what to do if you're ever in Portland, Oregon, or Niagara Falls, and most recently, what to do if you're in El Paso!

Through My Lens traveled through the Sun City and actually gives you a list of 11 things to do in the 915. At first, I wasn't that interested, because, well, I live here. However, Through My Lens does a wonderful job of actually capturing the essence of El Paso.

As for the 11 things to do in El Paso? The video lists everything from visiting downtown, most specifically San Jacinto Plaza, to checking out some hiking in Hueco Tanks to visiting the Missions Trail. It's a great variety of all the things, I think, that we all already love about El Paso. Check out the video below:

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Sometimes I forget how beautiful the city is, so it's nice to be reminded every now and then. Do you think they left anything out?

Through My Lens also has some great videos on some of El Pasoan's favorite places to visit like Carlsbad Caverns:

White Sands National Park:

Big Bend National Park (which became a hotspot for El Pasoan's this past year!)

And Roswell!

You can check out more of Through My Lens' videos by clicking here.

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