Where has the time gone? We are already planning for our Back 2 School Expo and I can hear the groans of teachers who don't look forward to handling kids during recess. School time is going to be here any minute and some people haven't been able to do all the summer activities they planned to do.

I had planned to at least going swimming once during this crazy, hot summer but still haven't been able to! With tons of activities to do here in El Paso, I made a quick list of things you and myself, should do before summer is gone and we all have to be stuck n classrooms, offices or in our own glass case of emotion.

  • FtLaudGirl


    As I mentioned before, summer isn't a real summer until you enjoy some water activities. Swimming is the most obvious way to stay cool in the heat and El Paso has tons of either free entry or low-cost entry fee pools. Mike even has his own list of places to enjoy the cool water around El Paso.

  • monkeybusinessimages

    Watch a Summer Blockbuster

    Some big movies come to theatres during the summer like Incredibles 2 and the Ant Man Sequel. If you want to avoid spoilers when you get back to school or work, then you are going to want to make sure you watch at least one summer blockbuster movie. As long as I am being honest, we all know Incredibles 2 wasn't made for kids so plenty of "adults" will be trying to spoil it.

  • Liv Friis-Larsen
    Liv Friis-Larsen

    Eat a Whole Watermelon

    Nothing tastes better on a hot day than a nice, juicy piece of watermelon! Add some lime juice, possible some Tajin and you have created the meal of the summer gods. Sometimes you don't want ice cream because it isn't as refreshing, so that is when you just eat a whole watermelon. It is so satisfying.

  • thekekster

    Water Balloon Fight

    My favorite thing as a child was to fill up tons of water balloons, to throw them at my brother and friends. Plus, when we had a pool we would fill the top layer of it with water balloons. Then we would have to stay at the edge of a pool and throw them from there. We basically made water balloon dodgeball a thing.

  • Scott Lewis
    Scott Lewis

    Have/Attend a Cookout

    The sweet smell of a cookout lets you know summer is in full gear. Grilling meats and sipping cold drinks is the ultimate summer combination.

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