For the last couple of months, people driving around El Paso have noticed billboards featuring a mysterious message.

The peculiar billboards, which began popping up along I-10 and around the west side this past November, showed what appeared to be an orb of some sort with the words 'It's Coming.'

The proclamation wasn't accompanied by any other information, causing many El Pasoans to wonder what the ad was for. Was it a mega-church warning us the end was near? Was it a blurred out golf ball and the billboard was a teaser campaign for the new Topgolf El Paso location?

In late December, the message morphed to reveal the words 'Almost Here' with what looked like a headlight with wings, resulting in more speculation.

Emily Slape

Well, good news; you won’t have to make peace with God and wait for the world to not end again.

The billboards were indeed a “buzz marketing” campaign announcing the return of El Paso's old-timey trolleys. The revelation came after new billboards appeared -- including one right above our radio station -- that say "Back on track, 2018 El Paso Streetcar" along with a drawing of an old school trolley sporting a winged-headlight on the front.


The first of six vintage streetcars that were used in El Paso until 1974 is expected to arrive from Pennsylvania where they’re being restored later this month or in early February.

Once here, it will begin making test runs along the 4.8 mile route from downtown to UTEP and back for a number of months. According to the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority, which is tasked with constructing the project, the streetcars will be ready for riders in late 2018.