Last week a mysterious billboard showed up in El Paso. Our gal, Emily, wrote a blog about it and speculated that it was either Khalid coming to town on a train, a weird hipster shop or restaurant advertisement, or a really talented graffiti crew making their presence known.

Mike and I were talking about the billboard this morning on the air and I mentioned that some friends were saying that they think it's the announcement of the new MountainStar soccer team name. When the Chihuahuas name was about to be announced, the team owners took out a similar billboard ahead of the announcement. The graffiti font, the look of the background of this latest billboard, it all seems to look like a train, and one of the names that the team is looking at is the Locomotives to honor the railroad in El Paso.

El Paso 6 Shooters says they figured this out even before Mike and I. They tweeted out to the El Paso Times
who did a story about the billboard with a shout out to Mike and Tricia Mornings:

On their Facebook page, the Shooters pointed out the blue and yellow on the billboard, saying those are the colors of the pseudo-logo with which the team announced itself. The group also pointed out the half soccer ball on the right hand side of the billboard.

I'm guessing that we will see the soccer team named the Locomotives soon. Emily deserves the shout out for getting the billboard some pub on our station website, the El Paso 6 Shooters for taking it a little further along, and Mike and Tricia Mornings for bringing it to the attention of the Times.

Great teamwork everyone!

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