A men’s clinic in West El Paso has motorists doing a double-take with one of their bold billboards.

You've probably seen the El Paso Men’s Clinic billboards peppered across town and circulating on social media of their bold and clever ads, including bananas and an ad that poses the question, Too Many Baby Mamas?

El Paso Men's Clinic Instagram

The ad features a confused guy wondering if he’s the Baby Daddy of the three women pictured in the ad with him.

The ad perfectly captures the panicked feeling one may have if they were to be faced with that exact situation.  That, too me, captures the perfect moment that you know an ad is effective.

El Paso Men's Clinic Instagram

See, I’m a sucker for great advertisement. My appreciation for a clever ad goes back to my youth when I would watch reruns of Bewitched growing up in Los Angeles. One of the main characters worked as an Advertising Executive at the fictional McMann & Tate firm, for those that don't know.

Then, the TV series Mad Men came on the radar, and it summarized the world of advertising as ruthless and exciting as I imagined it ever to be.

So when an ad like the El Paso Men’s Clinic popped up, I, like many others, did a double-take, giggled, and applauded their clever take.

While some may think that the ad is too bold, the truth of the matter is that getting a vasectomy is far less expensive than bringing a child into the world, let alone three.

Thanks, El Paso Men’s Clinic, for putting a great spin on your ads on an otherwise taboo subject, with no judgment attached.

El Paso’s Men Clinic off Festival Dr. provides specialized, high-quality comprehensive primary and preventative health care for men.


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