I have a long commute from work to home. This means I spend plenty of my driving time looking around checking my mirrors, the cars around me and the advertising that is being thrown at me. Billboards are a classic but effective way to spread the word about a certain product or message. At least, when people like me see that billboard two times a day, five days a week.

I finally was able to snap some photos of the billboards that welcome me to and from work. I am not saying to use your phone while you drive, but some risks were taken in order to create this blog. You're welcome.

This is the first billboard I attempted to ignore. Yet, the more I saw it, the more I became fascinated by it.

Emily Slape

When I asked some of my Instagram friends if they had any idea what the billboard could be, they all just made jokes. My favorite had to be the friend that said it looks like the view from inside a Capri Sun.

I doubt Capri Sun is running low on customers that they feel the need to pay for billboards. As I attempted to let my obsession with this image go, yesterday I spotted this billboard.

They have added to the blurry light and it looks like some wings or something. I could possibly just be oblivious to something so obvious, but it seems most El Pasoans are too. I have no idea when the billboard will reveal it's true reason for living, but I will keep watching the road for the answer.