My daily drive to work takes a good 45 minutes of staring at my surroundings, listening to 93.1 KISS-FM (HINT, HINT) and being visual fed advertisements. I should just be in the billboard business because I feel I am one of the very last people who appreciates a good billboard. You have to respect a classic way to influence people.

Whoever created this billboard knows how to influence me with shiny, gangsta writing. "It's Coming" is all this billboard says in blue and greenish-yellow graffiti design on a maroon train like background. We know the last time a billboard teased "It's Coming" it turned out to be the Streetcar Project. Is this a sick joke to fool me again? I hope it isn't because then we are going to have a issue with lack of creativity.

Here are the first three thoughts that ran through my mind when I first saw this billboard.

  • 1

    Khalid is Coming on A Train

    We all know Khalid will be performing at the Don Haskins Center on September 14th and 15th, which is being sold as his big homecoming performance. What better way to come home then on a party train! Maybe he wants us to all wait at the train station for him because he is tired of fancy cars.

  • 2

    Weird Hipster Restaurant/Shop/Business

    Some places around El Paso are using train cars as restaurants or shops and they are pretty sweet. You know those train cars are eventually going to take over the world like hipsters continue to do and next thing you know, you will have a dentist appointment in a train car.

  • 3

    A Really Talented Graffiti Crew

    We might be seeing even more beautiful murals around El Paso, thanks to a really talented group of graffiti artists. The person or persons behind this billboard could be throwing a festival to tag up places around El Paso, maybe they only specialize in billboards, or maybe they just want to go to Chico's and invite people through graffiti.

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