Have you noticed the billboard proclaiming “Judgment Day” as you’re driving south on North Mesa, or the ones that pepper the view off I-10, and wondered what that’s all about?

Mike Martinez/KSII
Mike Martinez/KSII

An evangelical group called The Family Radio Network claims they've been able to piece together clues from the Bible to accurately pinpoint when life on earth will cease to exist. The bad news: It's this Saturday, May 21st. (So use your gift cards today!) How did they come up with such a specific date, you might be asking?

It has something to do with the evangelical group’s president, Howard Camping, using math and dates he found or pieced together in the Bible starting with the Great Flood. This article does a much better job of explaining the calculations than I ever could, so hit up the link for the details.

And before you make a run on the grocery store to stock up on bread, milk, water, and Pop Tarts you should know Camping also predicted the world would end in 1994. So if the world doesn't end tomorrow, try to look surprised!

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