Who's going to win the Super Bowl game on Sunday? Ele-phi-know! And I'm not placing my bet, either, until after the El Paso Zoo's prognosticating pachyderms make their piñata predictions.

In what is becoming a zoo tradition, the Asian Elephants will emerge from their home the day before the big game to find two helmet shaped piñatas filled with treats set out for them — this year one will have the Panthers logo on it, the other the Broncos'. Whichever they go for first will be their pick.

You can watch them choose at 12:30 p.m. this Saturday, February 6 at the El Paso Zoo’s elephant exhibit. The event is free with zoo admission.

This will be Savannah and Juno's 3rd Super Bowl prediction. In 2014, they picked the Seattle Seahawks (who won) and last year they went with the Seahawks again (who lost). Clearly, animals are no better at forecasting sporting events than us humans.


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