PENGUIN LOVERS!! Our wish has come true because Penguins have finally arrived at the El Paso Zoo!

Get ready to dive into the coolest spectacle in the desert at the Penguin Oasis Exhibit.

Lions and tigers are so last season; it's time to make room for the adorable Magellanic penguins, all the way from the warm and temperate coastal regions of South America.

The El Paso Zoo is turning up the heat with a state-of-the-art penguin exhibit and it was finally unveiled this past week. Imagine a rocky coast, a natural habitat haven, where penguins can strut their stuff. And the best part is that you can watch these tuxedoed stars waddle and swim with an underwater viewing experience!

The outdoor stadium seating is your VIP pass to witness the penguins in action.

Courtesy: El Paso Zoo
Courtesy: El Paso Zoo

This new penguin exhibit is all thanks to a $6.25 million investment approved by voters back in 2012 as part of the Quality of Life Bond.

Zoo lovers can now enjoy the penguin exhibit during regular zoo hours, and the zoo isn’t done bringing us new exhibits!

Zoo officials are cooking up even more exhibits and if you want to know what new animal will be heading to the zoo you’ll have to head out to the elephant exhibit to find out!

El Paso Zoo Penguin Exhibit


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