The El Paso Zoo is sure spoiling us with the announcement of new additions to the zoo family! First it was the penguins and now the borderland is home to Taj the Rhino!

Yup, that’s right.The El Paso Zoo just got a major upgrade – and it's big, gray, and seriously majestic! Taj, the 7-year-old greater one-horned rhino, just rolled into town from the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington. 

Taj isn't just any rhino; he's a rockstar in the rhino world, landing a top spot on the breeding priority list. With rhinos facing real threats in the wild, it is safe to say that we are pretty lucky to have Taj join the El Paso Zoo family. 

Why Taj, you ask? Well, his name means "crown" or "jewel" in Hindi. We're basically getting the rhino version of royalty and I am here for it!

Courtesy: El Paso Zoo
Courtesy: El Paso Zoo

Now, you might be eager to catch a glimpse of this rhino superstar, but hold your horses – or should we say, rhinos! Taj needs a bit of time to get used to his new home and make friends with the animal care specialists so he will not be on display quite yet, but you know who is on display already? THE PENGUINS! 

So, enjoy the new Penguin exhibit at the El Paso Zoo while we wait for Taj to make his grand debut at the zoo.

El Paso Zoo Penguin Exhibit



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