A jumbo-sized septuagenarian deserves a jumbo-sized birthday party

The El Paso Zoo is having a bash this Sunday for Savannah the elephant who'll be turning 71. Awww, they grow up so fast.

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The Big 7-1

El Paso Zoo Society Facebook
El Paso Zoo Society Facebook

The El Paso Zoo's largest resident is one of the oldest elephants on the planet, but in her case age is irrelephant. She's 71 and fabulous!

"Savannah turning 71 years old is remarkable,” said El Paso Zoo Director Joe Montisano via a city press release. “In the wild, elephants live an average of 45 to 50 years.

He added that she's still quite spry and in good health for an elephant her age with only “some minor arthritis” to complain about. Man, maybe instead of my primary caregiver I should see a Zookeeper instead.

Savannah’s BDay Bash

El Paso Zoo Facebook/Canva
El Paso Zoo Facebook/Canva

Savannah's Birthday Bash is set for 12 noon Sunday, September 24, and you're invited.

On the menu for the ole gal are edible decorations, treats, and a jumbo birthday cake made of fruit and vegetables. And don't worry about her girlish figure, it's all low carb.

In addition, guests are encouraged to sing “Happy Birthday,” and will receive commemorative stickers as well as special Savannah decorated cookies (while supplies last). Guests can also sign an enormous birthday card in her honor and take a picture next to a Savannah pop-up.

Savannah will also create a custom footprint painting that on lucky party-goer will be taking home.

It's not a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party but it still sounds like it’s going to be a TON of fun. Let’s make sure she has an elephan-tastic time.

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