May is National Burger Month and the only proper way to celebrate usually comes with an order of fries.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eat your way through the best burgers El Paso has to offer. Start with these; 9 of the highest rated burger places Yelp El Paso has given the most enthusiastic thumbs up to.

Prepare to drool.

  • Border Burger Bar

    3329 Fort Blvd
  • Chuco Burgers and Dogs

    1201 Lafayette Dr
  • Frisco Burger Inn

    3111 N Yarbrough Dr
  • Hot and Juicy Burgers

    6303 N Mesa St
  • Independent Burger Bar

    5001 N Mesa St
  • Panda Burgers

    10780 Pebble Hills
  • Papaburgers

    2519 N Piedras St
  • Rosco’s Burger Inn

    3829 Tompkins Rd
  • Tutu’s Burgers

    1641 Zaragoza Rd

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