The El Paso Zoo is mourning the death of yet another zoo animal diagnosed with cancer after the death of a 13-year old African Lioness named Kalliope.

El Paso Zoo

Last week the El Paso Zoo announced the death of African Lioness Kalliope after being diagnosed with a rare tumor (thymoma) in her chest after a CT scan conducted in December 2020.

El Paso Zoo veterinary staff acted immediately and began to consider the best care and various treatment options and clinics nearby capable of treating Kalliope. Ultimately, Kalliope was transported to Phoenix, Arizona, at the beginning of this year to receive a dose of stereotactic radiation at the Arizona Veterinary Oncology.

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Although her initial return and recovery were successful, according to the El Paso Zoo, Kalliope began having breathing issues this month. Soon after, the 13-year old African Lioness would quickly become tired, stopped eating, and ended up passing away quietly in her sleep last week.

El Paso Zoo

After being born at the Oklahoma City Zoo, Kalliope first came to the El Paso Zoo, arriving in 2010.

Kalliope’s sisters, Zari and Malaika, remain on exhibit and await the addition of Hadari, a younger male African lion from the Pueblo Zoo in Pueblo, Colorado, and is expected to arrive within the next few months in El Paso.

Unfortunately, Kalliope is not the only zoo animal to pass away due to cancer. In April of this year, Juno - The Asian Elephant, passed away after being diagnosed with cancer in October 2016. And then, a month later in May, Ralph, a 120-year-old Galápagos Tortoise, also passed on after being diagnosed with a malignant tumor.

Our condolences go out to staff at the El Paso Zoo after suffering another loss with Kalliope's passing.

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