El Paso is one of the best cities but if I had five wishes, I would wave my wand and make the following come true.

I have lived in different places, grew up in Los Angeles, moved to El Paso, left El Paso and moved to Portland, Oregon and now I am proud to say that I call El Paso home. While other cities have their own claim to fame, El Paso is special and it’s one of the better ones in my opinion. El Paso has incredible food, the people are sweet and friendly and the local talent is bursting. So what else could we possibly need? There are a few things I would love to see. Keep in mind these are wishes so they won’t necessarily come true but its fun to dream about it nonetheless.

A Beach

Summers can be brutal and while you can jump into the pool or hit up Wet ‘n’ Wild, a beach in El Paso would be ideal and I would probably be there everyday.

A Piano / Jazz Bar

If someone could open up a jazz bar or piano bar, please do. A place that’s dimly lit with an old gentleman behind a piano playing softly while sipping on an old-fashioned and talking with friends. Doesn’t that sound nice?


Seriously, we need an IKEA – that place would be full all the time and it would create more local jobs and we could essentially do all our Christmas shopping in one place.

All-Night Spots

We need more places that stay open late – more restaurants, more local coffee shops, more laundry mats. Imagine a laundry mat that was open 24-hours and it was coffee shop? I wouldn’t hate doing laundry if I could get a freshly brewed coffee while my clothes dried.

Medieval Times

Dinner and a show – Medieval Times would be awesome in El Paso – a fun getaway from the ordinary. Knights, maidens and jousting – sign me up!

What is your wish?

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