Halloween and Thanksgiving are the two big festive fall celebrations before THE Holiday Season. Sorry, not sorry, other two.

For some, Halloween is the preferred celebration. It's the one day of the year to dress up as something ghoulish and macabre or sexy and seductive, eat as much candy as humanly possible, and scare others or get the bajesus scared out of you.

Others favor Thanksgiving and the family get-togethers and feasting, the pumpkin pies, and televised football games that have become a part of it.

But what if one of them had to go? Let’s hope it never comes to that, but if you had to pick which would you get rid of?

We recently posed that dilemma to 93.1 KISS-FM listeners. Below is a sampling of the arguments our listeners and social media followers made as they defended their choice.

Mike & Tricia Mornings

Cynthia Cortez
It's a hard one but I'm going to have to say Halloween I'd rather have a day making memories with family then dealing with some crazy people giving out candy, I enjoy all the good food and football games on Thanksgiving

Bridgette Saavedra - Reyes
Hubby said if they would move the Cowboy game to Halloween he would get rid of thanksgiving. We like to see all the little kids dressed up.

Rogelio Rojas
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday you eat well watch a few games stay nice and cozy inside your home vs Halloween falls on weird days usually cold or rainy plus too many crazy people out there.

Kregg Sasser
2 days off.....0 days off....I will take Thanksgiving

Frank Munoz
Thanksgiving, because everyone falls asleep no matter what you do.

Suzanne Osburn
Thanksgiving. I hate to cook. Too much pressure. Family drama. Blah blah blah. Pass me the candy corn!!!

In the end trick-or-treating and wearing costumes lost out to family and football, which really surprised me. As commercial as “the spooky season” has become and as big a pop culture phenomenon as Halloween is now, that the majority of our respondents would give it the heave-ho was unexpected.

Not Casandra, though. She’s Halloween ride-or-die. Which would she get rid of?

Casandra Gomez
Thanksgiving....and everyone who said Halloween

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