Let’s take a walk down memory lane with these go-to Chuco style old-school snacks that got us through back in the day.

Growing up between Los Angeles and El Paso exposed me to many different food cultures and traditions, including some pretty tasty homemade snacks.

When my family finally moved to El Paso, my cousins are credited for sharing their culinary treats with me.

While some after school snacks may have included ramen or tomato and mayo sandwiches on any given day, these Chuco-style snacks always hit the spot.

Fried Bologna

Food Fried Bologna ma

This was not your ordinary bologna sandwich; this was a slice of bologna fried in a pan and either tucked in between two slices of bread or wrapped in a warm flour or corn tortilla.

Tortilla & Butter

Food Tortilla ma

There is no other joy than a warm tortilla (corn or flour) with melted butter and a dash of salt.

Bread and Butter

Food Bread Sugar ma

A simple piece of bread smeared with butter is delish. You can also add sugar and cinnamon on top for a sweeter version.

Papas Locas


Before they became a staple at every outdoor food truck event, papas locas were basically any chips topped with loads of hot sauce and lime juice.

What are some of your favorite snacks? Share by emailing me at monika@ksii.com.


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