Here is a list of five car accessories that you are bound to come across in El Paso.

These are some of the car accessories that are often spotted on vehicles that are synonymous with El Paso.


You’ve seen them, these roses that layout on car dashboards and are usually roses that have been acquired at some bar the night before.  These roses tend to just hang out for a few days, sometimes even months until they dry out to the point of cracking and you finally throw them out.


What a perfect way to say, Hi, I’m Catholic! Hey, I’m guilty of this one – I too have a  rosary hanging off my rearview mirror, no judgments here.

In Memoriam Decals

These in-memoriam decals are as huge as the vehicles themselves – and if you’re lucky there’s an airbrushed picture of the person as well.

Old English Family Name

These family name decals are usually spread across the rear window of the vehicle in Old English lettering that sometimes distracts my driving as I’m trying to decipher what it says.

Amor Por Juarez

This car decal is probably my favorite next to the Virgin de Guadalupe stickers. The Amor Por Juarez stickers show the peace sign with a palm made to look like a heart that reads Amor Por Juarez representing the solidarity and love that we have for our sister city.


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