El Paso – our beautiful city is home to so many amazing things including food, art and people. Check out my list of five things that you can only find in the Sun City.


Okay so no El Paso did not create salsa itself but I can tell you for a fact that all salsas are not equal. El Paso has some incredible restaurants but all I care about is the salsa especially when dining at any Mexican restaurant. If the salsa is not up to par then it usually goes downhill from there. Salsa may be easy to make but who’s got time for that – pick up a jar or two from L&J Café they have two selections, red or green or you can also stop by So El Paso, they offer a good variety of salsa and much more.


El Paso is home to some of the best boot makers in the world including Tony Lama, Lucchese Boots, Rocketbuster Handmade Custom Boots, and Caboots. Custom made boots are big deal and locals are not the only ones who know what beautiful and talented craftsmanship goes into making them, celebrities, actors, politicians and just about anyone who is looking for a good pair of customized boots stops by El Paso to pick up a pair.


I can sit here and tell you all about the many talented and artistic people that live in El Paso especially when it comes to art. But you can see it for yourself when you venture out to pretty much any part of the city and the murals it houses. Hal Marcus, Gaspar Enriquez, and Rick Uribe are just some of the internationally recognized artists that live and create in El Paso. You can find original artwork from local artists and crafters at local merchants like Chuco Relic, Hal Marcus Art Gallery, open markets like The Substation, festivals and many more local vendors.

Chico Tacos

Nowhere and I mean nowhere can you find Chico’s Tacos except in El Paso. Whether you like the floating rolled tacos in special sauce or not, Chico’s Tacos is 100% El Paso and this is the only place to eat an order or two or maybe three.

El Paso Chihuahuas Gear

So okay, you may be able to purchase El Paso Chihuahuas gear online but not everything is online and that includes special game promotions or getting to hang out and take a selfie with Chico the Chihuahua at a game.

So, next time you have visitors from out of town make sure you give them a good dose of our magnificent city and share all the wonders that it holds.

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