Valentine's Day is less than a week away, and if you want to do something other than wait in line for a table at a crowded restaurant and pay too much for a dozen roses that won't last, do these things for your honey instead:

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1. Feed your significant other - Valentine's Day at a restaurant is cliche and it's a bummer. Too many people trying too hard to have a romantic dinner. Pick up dinner at your SO's favorite restaurant and enjoy it at home. You could also go to Whole Foods or any other grocery store and grab some prepared foods in their deli and surprise them with a picnic at work. Or grab a pizza and head out to McKelligon Canyon or Scenic Drive and enjoy the stars and the lights of the city.

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2. Check out a month's worth of free romantic movies - The International Museum of Art is holding their Valentine's Day romantic movie marathon every Saturday this month. The flicks are free and you can get concessions for a couple of bucks. After the movie, walk around the museum and marvel at one of the prettiest venues in town.

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3. A shopping spree is always fun - Forget the diamonds or clothes, grab your sweetie and get their favorite bath products at Bath and Body Works or Victoria's Secret. You could also go to one of the high end bakeries in town like the Orange Peel or Bella Cora and pick out a bunch of goodies to take home and eat in bed!

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4. Take a ghost tour - You could hold your sweetie close during ghost tours of Concordia Cemetery, the Wigwam Museum, or the Magoffin Home. They're a lot of fun and they happen at night, wink wink, nudge nudge!

Vineyard at autumn harvest.

5. Take a wine tour - Ok, so maybe ghosteses aren't your thing. If a little vino would be keeno, check out the many vineyards we have around town. They have tastings, the scenery is gorgeous, and you can take a picnic with you while you enjoy a bit of the grape.

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a heart-shaped box of chocolate's and a glittery greeting card. Use your imagination and it can really be a day of love.

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