What is better than pictures of cute puppies and kitties? Cute puppies and kitties being held by hot firefighters!
Sure, you can put all your important dates and appointments down in the calendar on your cell phone, but what fun is that? Here are five great reasons to plunk down your $15:

1. You get a calendar with some hunky firefighters and adorable, adoptable pets.

2. You can pretend you bought the calendar because it comes with a free pet adoption voucher.

3. You can tell your friends and family that the calendar got you all excited - excited about pet adoption, that is.

4. You can be smug knowing that buying your calendar helps reduce pet adoption prices throughout the year.

5. You won't have to be embarrassed at getting caught searching Google for 'hot firemen' at work anymore, they'll be right there on your calendar holding a cute puppy or kitty!

Seriously though, head over to the Animal Services Shelter and find the perfect pooch or cat for you and your family. Buying the calendar for the hotties will be our little secret.

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