There is nothing like an ice cold margarita on the patio on a hot --  heck, even a warm -- El Paso day.

A lot of places claim they were the birthplace of the iconic drink, but the History Channel says Esquire magazine first printed a recipe for Margaritas in a 1953 issue. It called for an ounce of tequila, some triple sec and the juice of half a lime or lemon. But another story has the Margarita being developed in Tijuana in 1938 for a Ziegfeld showgirl who said she was allergic to hard liquor. She said she wasn't allergic to tequila, but didn't want to drink it straight. A restaurant owner put together a drink for the girl, whose name was Marjorie, and called it the 'Margarita' in her honor.

No matter how it got started, here are a few places in El Paso where you can get great margaritas:

  • courtesy: MarkSkalny
    courtesy: MarkSkalny

    Los Bandidos de Carlos and Mickey's

    My favorite margarita at Carlos and Mickey's is the mango 'rita in the swimming pool size glass. It is chilly, mango-y, and has the perfect amount of tequila. These guys know what they're doing because they've been in business since 1944.

  • courtesy: karandaev
    courtesy: karandaev

    Julio's Cafe Corona

    This iconic restaurant began in Juarez in 1944, but moved to El Paso in 1981.  They have old-world ambiance and really amazing margaritas. I love a 'rita on the rocks with my salpicon.

  • courtesy: ThinkStock
    courtesy: ThinkStock

    Kiki's Mexican Restaurant

    It's hard to believe that Kiki's has only been around since 1976 because it seems like it's been an El Paso institution forever.  I love the old school bar and the old school margaritas with a plate of crab enchiladas.

  • courtesy: EuropeanProjectStudios
    courtesy: EuropeanProjectStudios

    The Tap

    Want to hang out at a real El Paso hidden gem that everyone in town knows and has a story about?  That would be The Tap.  Dive bar, hipster eatery, watering hole of movers and shakers - describe it however you want, but go there for some great food and a really killer 'rita.

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