You know I dig me the Starbucks, but my usual order doesn't involve the syrup they put in their drinks, and that is the only thing standing between me and a whole lot of extra added sugar.

Turns out the flavored syrup that turns your coffee into a chai latte or a mocha could be adding up to 25 teaspoons of sugar to your drink. A British research team says one flavored drink from Starbucks could have three times the amount of sugar in a can of soda and more than three times the amount of sugar the American Heart Association says you should have in a day. Clearly drinks like a venti white chocolate mocha, which has 18 teaspoons of sugar, shouldn't be you daily go-to morning drink, but something you treat yourself to every once in a while.

So let's say you drink a can of Coke - how much time would it take you to walk that off? You would have to walk for 30 minutes to burn off one can of Coke, so do the math on a Starbucks drink that has 3 times as much sugar! Crazy!

No one's saying to stop drinking Starbucks, we're just saying, be aware of what you are drinking and either cut back, or be prepared to spend a lot more time at the gym.

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