I know we're barely in the month of April, but summer comes fast and furious here in the Sun City. If you're new to El Paso and you haven't had to deal with the very long, very hot desert summer, here are a couple of great things about being in El Paso in the summer.


  • courtesy: Marina Bartel

    No humidity

    Except for a few weeks during out "monsoon" season, the lack of humidity in El Paso makes the triple digit heat bearable.  Don't believe me?  Go spend a summer in Houston.  Nothing like stepping outside your house and straight into a sauna!

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    Only in El Paso will you hear people say, "It's 105?  My goodness, standing here in the shade, it only feels like it's 95," and say it like it's a good thing. You will find out that shade in El Paso summers means triple digit temps are perfectly comfortable!

  • MarcelC

    Nighttime swimming

    I know, you can swim at night anywhere, but in El Paso, you don't freeze your quilinqui's off when you get out of the pool.  Even at 10 o'clock at night, it's still in the 90s, so when you get out of the pool, you don't have to worry about any unfortunate shrinkage.

  • courtesy: Jon Helgason

    Old people wearing suits and dresses

    I have black and white pictures of my grandparents having summer picnics with the men wearing slacks, and dress shirts and ties with the sleeves rolled up, and the ladies in dresses and heels, and everyone is having a blast.  Now when I see an abuelito or abuelita walking along in the heat dressed like they're going to a party, it seems so El Paso.  The old folks know how to handle the heat, and look like they're part of the Rat Pack all at the same time!

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    Afternoon naps

    There is nothing like a nap in El Paso in the summer.  I've lived in Austin and San Diego, and they don't compare in terms of a great summer nap.  No humidity, the hum of a swamp cooler, your nekkid body melting into the cool sheets. Before you know it, you're taking the best nap, ever.