charlie brown

Charlie Brown Celebrates Valentine's Day
Back in the day, Valentine's Day was not all hearts and flowers. When I was in Cielo Vista Elementary, there were no rules about bringing a Valentine for each kid in the class. You were either a cool kid who got tons of little white envelopes filled with punny Valentine's, or you were the kid who on…
Guide To Thanksgiving TV Shows
Thanksgiving is the ultimate American holiday. We eat until we 'splode, we couch surf all day watching sports and marathons of our favorite tv shows, and then we do it all over again the rest of the weekend. The best thing about Thanksgiving is there is none of the gift-giving pressure of Christmas,…
Halloween TV Specials
Halloween is tomorrow, and if you’re planning on spending it on the couch and eating all the candy those little munchkins keep ringing your doorbell for, here’s an hour-by-hour list of Halloween specials so you can plan your night!