Thanksgiving has very little to call it's own. Everyone starts going Christmas crazy even before Halloween, and poor, old Thanksgiving gets left behind as just a day to pig out and watch football before we head out and trample each other for a $50 microwave on Black Friday.

But there is one shining Thanksgiving light. It's 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving'. The 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' is probably the most beloved holiday tv show ever made, but I really love watching Chuck and the gang deciding what they're going to do for Thanksgiving. I do always wonder why they seem to live in a world without adults who are making those plans, but I digress.

'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' was first aired in 1973, and it sweetly follows Lucy fooling Charlie Brown into once again believing that she will hold a football for him to kick, and falling flat on his back when she pulls it away, Peppermint Patty inviting herself and Marcie to Charlie Brown's house for a turkey dinner, and Linus trying to help Charlie Brown figure out a way to feed Patty and her friends, and still make it to his grandmother's house.

I think my favorite part is when, after serving everyone a delicious meal of toast, candy, and pretzels, Snoopy and Woodstock make a fabulous Thanksgiving spread for themselves after the kids head off to Charlie Brown's grandmother's house singing 'Over The River And Through The Woods'. That is a song that needs to make a comeback. We used to sing it in elementary school, but I don't hear little kids singing it anymore. But I digress.

'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' airs on Wednesday, November 23. Happy Thanksgiving!

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