Back in the day, Valentine's Day was not all hearts and flowers. When I was in Cielo Vista Elementary, there were no rules about bringing a Valentine for each kid in the class. You were either a cool kid who got tons of little white envelopes filled with punny Valentine's, or you were the kid who only got a handful of them from kids whose moms made them give one to everybody in the class.  V-Day was grade school hell.

As an adult, you usually only have to worry about getting your significant other something for Valentine's Day, but your box of chocolates and grocery store flowers will only be judged by one person.  However, if you're my age, you remember watching as each kid stood up and walked around the room handing out their Valentine's to their bff's, and facing an entire classroomful of pint-sized judges and juries of who was cool and who was a dork!

Our favorite round-headed kid, Charlie Brown knew Valentine's Day heartbreak. He never got Valentine's Day love, and the one time he did, it came a day late, and a punny Valentine short.  But instead of inspiring us with biblical phrases of holiday warmth, 'Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown' had Linus lashing out at the mean girls who shunned Charlie Brown, and letting us know, once and for all, how important Valentine's Day really is:

So, before you tell yourself Valentine's Day isn't really that big of deal and choose not to get your honey that card, flowers, and candy, heed Linus' words and get your fanny to the store before it's too late!

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