There are restaurants in El Paso that are adding an extra fee to your bill you may not be aware of. There are some people who just pay the bill without noticing that extra fee that's added. Well, thanks to a local family I from now on will be looking for a particular charge that has other locals wondering about.

One family discovered the fee after dining at a restaurant that is a popular place for serving steaks. Once the family finished dining, they asked for their bill and were caught off guard by a certain fee that was added.

You will see in the picture their charges for every item they ordered, the tax, and a safety Covid fee.

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Now, the safety Covid fee is a dollar but the family that noticed the charge were curious if customers are having to pay for the restaurant's PPE. After paying for her family's meal she had not noticed this kind of fee at any other restaurants her family dined at. So, she took a picture of her bill and shared it on a Facebook group looking to get more information about that fee.

Well, she certainly got a ton of feedback from all sorts of other locals that were also confused by the safety Covid fee. While others had noticed the safety Covid fee elsewhere except their fee was five dollars instead of just one dollar. Some people understand why some restaurants are adding that extra fee while others don't.

After she footed the bill for the entrees for the family and shared the picture she got 159 comments that were harsh and some very informing. If you've noticed the safety Covid fee or haven't, place your opinion in the poll below if you agree or disagree with that extra charge.

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