It isn't often that I go around comparing Amarillo to other cities. Sure, we don't have some of the amenities that many have to come to expect from more metropolitan areas. We're growing though, and doing what we can to become the city we always knew we could be. That doesn't mean we haven't already got a leg up.

Did you know Amarillo's is bigger than El Paso's. Of course, I'm talking about tallest buildings.

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El Paso Vs Amarillo...The Comparison Nobody Really Wanted

I'm aware that most people don't sit around chewing their fingernails wondering how Amarillo compares to a city the size of El Paso. It seems a bit ridiculous to even entertain the idea.

El Paso's population sits at roughly 985,000 people. Amarillo's is a fraction of El Paso's at just 203,000 and some change. That's a big difference in population size. Amarillo doesn't even check in at half of El Paso's.

So, you would be forgiven for thinking that everything in El Paso must be bigger and better than Amarillo. But it's not.

FirstBank Southwest Tower Vs WestStar Tower

If you find yourself needing a little something to cheer about when it comes to Yellow City, put this in your pocket and save it for later. Our tallest building, is bigger than their tallest building.

Neener neener, indeed.

It's true. Our sky line reaches just a little closer to the sky than El Paso's.

FirstBank Southwest Tower, Amarillo, Texas


FirstBank Southwest Tower in Amarillo clocks in at a somewhat impressive 374 feet of reach into the atmosphere. It houses a total of 31 stories. It's also handed the distinction of being the tallest building in the West Texas region by Wikipedia.

WestStar Tower, El Paso, Texas


El Paso's WestStar Tower is standing on its tippy-toes but coming up short at just 314 feet. It houses 20 stories, and impressively covers an entire city block. What they lack in reach, they make up for in girth, I suppose.

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Downtown Amarillo Over The Years

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