During the holidays, there are so many ridiculous and heartwarming commercials. Rarely are they both.

One El Paso restaurant has created a short, but hilarious ad to promote their ramen that reminded me of these types of holiday commercials.

One of the Best of 2022

Kroger, which I don't think we have in El Paso, Texas created a commercial that makes me cry every time. I am trying to add it to this article and have tears in my eyes. The holidays bring back so many good memories, as you create more each year and this commercial captures that.

It also reminds us that our loved ones aren't always going to be around, so cherish every moment and every recipe. Those holiday flavors have a way of bringing back those loving memories.

The Love for Ramen is Real

Kaedama captured Instagram users for a few seconds to tug at their heartstrings to promote their savory ramen.

I haven't tried it, so I can't confirm if this ramen is so good it will make you cry like seeing your partner walk down the wedding aisle. I do know that this commercial will make you laugh, or at least make you breathe out your nose pretty hard.

Some viewers of this video are applauding Kaedama for tricking them with this Instagram reel. People were already grabbing the tissues for a beautiful wedding moment when BOOM, ramen hits them instead.

Other El Paso restaurants are going to have to step up their Instagram reel game. I can see Crave or Cafe Cocol can totally come up with something like this. Even bars like Rubik's Arcade Bar could totally pull something off like this. I will be patiently scrolling to see what other El Paso businesses post to promote their products with some hilarious editing.

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