During the Holiday season, we hear about so many touching stories about kids and the Christmas spirit. Here in El Paso, we would like to highlight one very special Santa who took the time to bring the magic to children through sign language.

While scrolling through Facebook, one of my childhood friends Aide Rivera shared a very touching video showcasing a local event hosted by Hillside elementary.

According to Aide,

This event here is hosted by Hillside students dedicated to deaf children. These children are able to sing along to Christmas songs. They also had the opportunity to share their Christmas wishes with Santa and Santa was able to speak back to them. It was an amazing opportunity for me to watch. These kids have this talent of sign language and sometimes we don't take the opportunity to get to know how important knowing a different language can be.

Seriously, this video will make you tear up just from the happiness that is beaming from these children.

You can see the love that this Santa is sharing with these students, along with some gifts. The magic and joy of Christmas can be found in many forms and I think we found it in this very special event.

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