There is nothing that kids these days won't record themselves doing, apparently. Around 7:15 Sunday night, Pebble Hills Elementary School was the scene of a response by El Paso Fire Department crews. There was a fire reported smoke could be seen coming out of the school. The building's fire alarms were activated as well. The good news is that the sprinkler system inside of Pebble Hills Elementary kept what turned out to be a small fire inside a classroom from spreading. The bad news is whoever is allegedly responsible for the fire allegedly recorded themselves in the act.

Yes. Seriously. According to FitFam, the El Paso Instagram account that seems to have video of things that are happening around town before anyone else does, the vandals are some middle school kids who sent the video to friends. Someone leaked it to FitFam and they posted it. But wait, there's more.


According to the Ysleta Independent School District, there was another incident of vandalism at Glen Cove Elementary School on Sunday as well. A recording sent out by YISD said Glen Cove suffered heavy vandalism on Sunday night but didn't elaborate as to what the vandals did. An investigation by the El Paso Police Department has begun an investigation into the incident. The vandalism was cleaned up and classes went on as scheduled. Take a listen to the YISD recording.

It's not known as of right now how the suspects will be handled, as minors or adults, or if the parents might be on the hook for any damaged allegedly caused by their kids. Either way, hopefully whatever happens, this kind of vandalism won't become a regular thing.

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