I don't know about you but I can admit that when I'm not on the air I have a bit of a potty mouth. I love me some colorful language that would make a sailor blush. I know it's probably not ladylike but sometimes you gotta use a salty word or two to get your point across, amirite? Well, the administrators at Hanks High School on El Paso's eastside have apparently heard enough curse words coming out of their student's mouths because they decided to give them some alternatives.

A photo posted of a poster that hangs on a wall in Hanks High School gives a lot of funny and silly alternatives to cuss words for students to use. I have to admit though, there are some that aren't that much better. May I point you to "motherless puss bucket", and "monkey fluffer", then there's "bull twinkies" and "mother pucker". Here's the full list.


You could use the alternatives above when you need a pretty strong non-curse-word word, but these silly ones are just fun to say. I like "great googley moogley" and "tartar sauce" which was a favorite of one of my elementary school teachers. We used to giggle like crazy when she said that one because even as little kids we knew she wasn't really saying tartar sauce, she was cussing. I think this is a great idea because like smoking, if you can break a bad habit like cussing when kids are young they won't grow up to curse like a sailor like me. I might even try some of these words myself soon.

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