Being a parent isn't easy. You have to get up early to get yourself ready for work, then you have to get your beastie up and get them ready for school. You need to make sure that everyone either has a lunch made or lunch money. Then you have to get everyone to school on time which means doing time in the drop off line in the morning before school and then in the pick up line after school. There are a lot of El Paso parents who say those lines are driving them crazy.

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At one El Paso Independent School District school, a parent took video of a fellow parent pulling into oncoming traffic, hitting a pole twice, and generally causing mayhem in the school drop off line. It seems silly that someone would get so upset in the school drop off line and that nothing worse than a fender bender might happen but a woman died in 2018 when she was hit by a car in a school parking lot while trying to protect her kids from getting hurt.

When parents at Tippin Elementary school told the EPISD school board during a meeting on Tuesday that they needed more police presence at their school during drop off and pick up times, they were told by the chief of EPISD's police force that they have 30 officers to patrol over 80 schools. We asked Mike and Tricia Mornings listeners to weigh in on the problems at their schools and we were surprised at what they told us.

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1. Mel - Herrera Elementary in the west side. Traffic is horrible during pick ups. It seems that there are no buses when the kids get released until like 20 minutes later the bus arrives. So parents just take it upon themselves to pick them up.

School bus in Duluth, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

2. Alice - At our school traffic is so bad that people don’t respect the crosswalk guards, and speed through the school zone. We do have SISD PD at the school to help with the traffic but the cop just likes to hang out in the car or chit chat with the crosswalk monitors instead of directing traffic..this is Mission Ridge Elementary off Rojas right by the Amazon.

School zone speed limit sign in front of trees
Garrett Aitken

3. Vero - My daughter goes to Bel Air Middle. She walks to and from school. The cars pass so fast on parral and la paz street. There is no crossing guard. After school it was a hot mess on ranchland and venado. Always a traffic jam. This is why she started walking home. (We live like 2 minutes from the school walking distance.

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4. Daniela - At Coach Archie Duran elementary cars speed by on Rushing street even though the school lights are on. There’s a crosswalk and they don’t respect the school zone limit.

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