By now, you know who Les Do Makeup is.

Leslie Quezada, better known by her handle Les Do Makeup is a native El Pasoan, mother, and fashionista known for her makeup-related content, tutorials, and Baby Girl phrase. But, her big down-to-earth personality and borderland slang are what hooks her loyal following, which spans worldwide.

Les Do Makeup YouTube
Les Do Makeup YouTube

Les shares the ins and outs of being an influencer, like her makeup line, her clothing line and she also shares the beautiful moments of her life, like her engagement and her gender reveal.

In her YouTube videos Les has mentioned her parents business. They own a tortilleria and restaurant named Tortilleria Crystal in Northeast El Paso. The Restaurant usually always has a line, not because of its connection to the El Paso influencer but because of it's delicious options.

El Pasoans already know that it's a great place, but now out of towners are getting to know it as well. Which was the case with this Arizona native who was visiting town and decided to check out the restaurant herself.

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TikTok user Matzybarraza shared her visit to Tortilleria Crystal- along with all the yummy plates she had!

Flautas, tacos de tripas and menudo were all on the menu for @matzybarraza, and in the end, it was worth the hype for her.

Apparently Les liked the video because @matzy thanked her in the comments section. Others in the comment section have also raved about the tortilleria, and over on Yelp the restaurant has 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

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