El Paso's social media influencer superstar Les Do Makeup continues to make money moves.

As 2022 kicks off, so does the launch of Les' very own clothing collection with Shein.

With multiple looks, you know El Pasoans are going to freak out over them.

After watching that teaser video, you know you already have your eye on a few of these pieces. Make sure to set an alarm for January 17th, 2022, as Les continues to tease the drop.

I hope you saved some of that Christmas cash because this would be a perfect way to treat yourself.

Some people may not be too happy about this collaboration, since Shein can sometimes have a bad reputation with some people.

To each their own when it comes to shopping, so make sure you are always proud of your purchases. El Pasoans are very proud to support one of their own, so you know many people will be rocking these looks in the Sun City soon.

It is always great to see locals growing their empire and Les does a great job to always do that, with El Pasoans in mind. She just celebrated a birthday, so this collection collaboration is probably a gift not only for her to create but a gift to all her fans.

Not everyone can be a social influencer, so you have to give Les her credit for making it happen and continuing her dreams for 2022. It is still early in the year, so fingers crossed she will continue to represent El Paso is some amazing ways and more collaborations with big businesses.

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