Some days you just need to lose your sense of reality by mindlessly scrolling through social media. Instagram is perfect for that.

Sometimes, I enjoy just searching El Paso hashtags on Instagram and checking out what people are posting. This week El Pasoans have been busy sharing some awesomeness and weirdness, like usual.

Here are some of the photos that caught my eye.

Les Do Makeup Excitement

The proposal most El Pasoans are still talking about looks like it took a lot of work to put together. Les Do Makeup and her long-time lover Alex are finally tying the knot and you know that is going to be huge! We don't expect an invitation, but we do expect an epic YouTube video of the event. Hopefully, many local vendors will be involved with the wedding and can make some big bucks from working with Les Do Makeup. One business that seems to be on the list is Sweet and Fancy Events.

Your Friend to the End

While scrolling through #ElPaso, this photo really caught my eye. Not because I just love what this girl is wearing, but because that photoshop Chucky really creeps me out. I do admire the creativity.

Just Going for a Walk

Professional photographer Chris Preston's photo caught my eye for the dramatic effect. A coyote just trying to live the dream of desert life, but an army base had to be in the way.

Hulk Smash Into Your Home

If you are looking for some unique home decor, why not get a giant Hulk. I don't even think this is life-size, I think if he was real, this would be 10 times the size.

Serving Up the Fierce Looks

My body is not ready for a glamourous photoshoot, but when it is, I would love to look like this model. El Pasoans are beautiful and this photo really captures one very bold El Pasoan.

Decor Needed for Everyday Life

These balloons need to live at our radio station. I am always talking about how plain and gross our station looks but with these radio and chain balloons, we might just look a little more alive! This balloon display is for 90s babies but I feel this should be everyday decor for a radio station.

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