I absolutely love flowers and anything having to do with them. Growing flowers would be a magical power I wish I could have to help beautify the El Paso area and anywhere I go. Plus, I could probably use this magical power to open up a flower shop and make some crazy, cool creations.

Sadly, I do not have this magical power but many El Paso florists do. Not sure where everyone gets their flowers, but many florists in El Paso have been busy showing off their flower skills on social media.

While scrolling through my feed, I stumbled upon Life in Bloom LLC. who recently created a beautiful gift for El Paso's YouTube superstar, Les Do Makeup.

It was recently Les' 28th birthday, so her friends and from what I understand business partners Pica Pica Candy reached out to Life in Bloom to send this special arrangement.

Of course, she received tons of gifts BUT this would be one of my favorites. It is her name in flowers! I could only dream of such a gift.

It is also really nice to see these big brands like Pica Pica Candy using local florists to create awesome gifts for local influencers. As I continued to scroll through Life in Bloom's page, I see they also created Les Do Makeup's 27th birthday arrangement from her man, Vlex Galindo.

I am guessing this is going to continue to be a tradition for those around Les, so hopefully, Life in Bloom will continue to celebrate with her every year with gorgeous arrangements.

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